Established in 2009, we are a small team of highly experienced specialist Reward consultants, with Analyst and additional Associate support where required.  Our core objective is to ensure that all organisations can apply all elements of Reward in the most effective and cost efficient manner given their particular circumstances and current and future requirements and within a totally coherent and consistent Reward Strategy, linked directly with broader HR and overall organisational goals and culture.

We provide both adhoc and ongoing regular part time Reward resource where there is not the expertise and/or capacity in-house.  We work on specific projects of all sizes as well as providing ongoing support for all elements of Reward (e.g. benchmarking, job evaluation) on a longer term basis. 

With decades of specialist experience both in consultancies and in a range of senior Reward roles in-house in organisations in a range of sectors, we bring independent objective perspective to your Reward considerations.  We provide completely tailored approaches for your specific needs in terms of Reward strategy/elements design, development, critique, and implementation.  Wherever appropriate we take an employee and manager involving approach, partnering with you to also support with appropriate communications every step of the way.

Our 'Clients' page provides an indication of some of the organisations that we have had the pleasure of working with.  These are of varying sizes and sectors.  Whilst not exclusively, we have a particularly strong track record in working with a broad range of non for profit organisations as well as growing SMEs.

Some indicative testimonials are provided in the 'Testimonials' section.  Additional details, including example Case Studies and Consultant CVs, are available on request.